According to the Order by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on 22 July 2010, Mubariz Ibrahimov was awarded the title National Hero of Azerbaijan for outstanding services to protect independence and territories of Azerbaijan. According to the another decree signed at the same day, the Cabinet of Ministers was empowered to ensure the naming of one of the secondary schools of Bilesuvar region after Mubariz Ibrahimov. Following the Order, on 29 September 2010, Lyceum-School Complex in Bilasuvar region was named after national hero Mubariz Ibrahimov.

Bilasuvar Education Complex started its first school year on 18th October 2010. To teach students national and universal values, to instill consciousness of citizenship in students, develop their creative potential, as well as to bring up intellectuals to be ready for independent life and to inspire them to leading qualities are among the priorities of our Complex.

High quality education is one of the pillars of each country. Here, the main responsibility is on teachers. Our goal is to enlarge our activities in this field and create a new education model to be applied throughout the country.

Beside, modern principles of management system are established in our Complex, as well.

Our Complex is among the best schools of Azerbaijan taking first place in three consequent academic years according to the scientific-statistical analysis results of State Student Admission Commission, in 2014/2015, 2015/2016 and 2016/2017. Average score of our students in university admission exams was 623 in 2014/2015, 607 in 2015/2016 and 636 in 2016/2017. The average score of our Complex in 2016/2017 is the highest average score in university admission exams in our country so far.