Sport is an integral part of universal culture and its main purpose is to protect the health and well-being of its students. When it comes to physical education, we understand the formation of movement skills, physical characteristics, habits. The physical education process focuses on health, strengthening the body and life expectancy. Physical education teachers have a lot of responsibility in this process. Physical education teachers use different methods and techniques in the learning process to cope with this study. Because no method can be considered as the only method. In the classroom, the teacher must first describe the task in words and then clearly demonstrate the task. In the vocabulary method, the teacher gives the students a description of the movement after completing the task. In this way, the teacher should communicate with the student in a language that is simple and fluent enough to clearly understand the task at hand. In the vocabulary method, interviews are conducted between the student and the teacher. Helps improve interview, activity and ability to express one’s opinion. The command method is a basic and widely used method of physical education. The command is used during execution, completion, and modification of the tempo. Sequence movements are the same as for the army (range training). Visual mastering allows visualization and audition of movements. The teacher or student movement method is most commonly used. With this method, the student gains movement faster. To make these actions a skill and habit, you need to do it over and over again. Coaching plays an important role in this study. This feature can, above all, be created in the performance of activities requiring execution risk. The mechanism underlying the formation of irrelevant traits is that they are “physically felt, experienced” by the student.