As a result of the rapid advancement of our society towards the information society and the successful implementation of the State Program “Provision of General Education Schools with Information and Communication Technologies for 2005-2007”, almost all secondary schools in Azerbaijan were equipped with computers and computer rooms were established in the schools. The presence of these rooms increases students’ interest in ICT, and the availability of computers helps to translate knowledge into practical skills. In an infotainment cabinet (a computer class with a local set of computers) on computer programs, a kiosk, a poster and other luggage allowance, to make the most effective and comfortable lamps. Our complex offers uninterrupted internet access. In addition, there is a high level of informatics teaching at the high school. Informatics room provides great opportunities for teaching this subject. In the course of the lesson the opportunities of the IG board are used. Also, the use of the “Mimio vote “voting device makes the learning process more interesting and flexible. Students apply the acquired knowledge and skills in the field of information and communication technologies and acquire practical skills.