Medical Center Complex Started December 6, 2011 года.

Children aged from 10 to 16 study at the complex. Each student has his or her own medical card drawn up and the appropriate notes about their health. In the medical center of the nebulous lacquer, overlapping material, tonometers and thermometers.

The refrigerator has the necessary medications, dressing materials, tonometers, thermometers.

There is a refrigerator, a computer, a medicine cabinet, a scales, height measurements, water supply and ventilation systems. Performs the following actions and observations at the medical center:

• first aid to students and staff of the complex

• To control the appearance, hygiene and health of daily students.

 • Monitor student attendance

• Organization of anthropometric measurements of students in September and April throughout the year

• Organization of annual medical examinations of students

• Filling and paperwork of the medical center

• Monitoring the work of the dining complex, the preparation and quality of dishes.