One of the important directions of the successful development strategy of the President of Azerbaijan is the socio-economic development of the regions. By order No. 96 of April 7, 2014, a kindergarten with a total area of ​​3170 square meters on 0.50 hectares of land allocated by Ibragimov Street was built for the Bilasuvar gymnasium school complex named after Mubariz Ibragimov, the National Hero of Azerbaijan. The Central Bank of Azerbaijan also supports the implementation of this policy in addition to its mission and social projects. One of such social projects is the successfully functioning Bilasuvar Lyceum School Complex named after the National Hero Mubariz Ibragimov. As a continuation of these projects, a kindergarten was launched in 2015 at the same high school with the direct support of the Central Bank

In addition to our preschool education, we also have a primary education level. The aim of primary education is to develop children’s reading, writing and computer skills, the formation of basic knowledge about a person, society and nature at an early age, elements of logical thinking, aesthetic, artistic taste and other features. The duration of primary education varies from country to country. For example, 4 years in Russia, 5 years in France and 6 years in Mexico and Japan. We also have 4 years of primary education. Primary education is carried out using a national curriculum based on state educational standards. The curriculum structure for primary schools provides students with guidance on lesson planning and practice. Primary school students who study in grades 1-2, daily teach basic subjects (mathematics, life skills, language) by the head of the class prepared for primary education. Weeks are organized. Competitions of knowledge and exhibitions are held. The application of an individual approach to students allows them to maximize their potential.