To achieve excellence in any professional field, to grow as an ideal person is not only academic knowledge, knowledge and knowledge in a number of subjects. That is, a high intelligence coefficient – IQ alone is not enough. . it is important to show the path to the students   to succeed, become a successful professional, gain leadership skills, increase students’ emotional intelligence (EI), increase their horizons, develop the ability to freely express their thoughts, communicate with people in the community. A high level of emotional intelligence makes people  not  to be discouraged, tested, purposeful, responsible, successful. With the age of modernity, the number of educated people and the competitive environment becomes  even more important. The Bilasuvar educational complex named after the National Hero Mubariz Ibrahimov has been working since the first days of his work and continues to develop social skills. The goal is to inculcate and develop the positive qualities listed above.

In September-June, the complex plans to conduct a number of events: competitions, excursions, competitions in accordance with the annual action plan de According to the plan, a series of wonderful days, holidays, days of mourning and repression will continue. During the organization of events, students will discover, direct or acquire new skills, such as speech , singing, playing musical instruments, dancing, crafts and much more developed by the group of social programs and activities for tutors for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Thus, students are given the opportunity to speak freely with the public, believing in themselves and their abilities. At the same time, one of the main goals is to instill in them a sense of patriotism. Students are also strengthened by the rules of social behavior, courtesy rules and their ethical behavior.

When all these positive qualities are combined with an academic result, a strong foundation is created for a healthy, profitable person.