Taking into account the great role played by psychological activity in social, mainly academic activities, we can note that in our Complex the work is being carried out in various directions. During of the school year psychological activity is usually developed  in the areas of psychoprophylaxis, psycho diagnostic, psychosocial, psychotherapeutic.

          A lof of trainings and classes are hold such as (“Acquaintance”,” Round sentence”, “Stepping together “, ” Say Compliment ” , ” Spider’s web ” and others) at our Complex in order of adaptation of new students, entering from other schools and different environment to  our disciplines, psychological atmosphere.

 The only problem that drives the systematic learning of the system of learning is the planning of the career of the students. This question is one of the most important factors in forming, managing, selecting professionally , forming personalities and making friends in the future For this reason, our company is planning  professional works. The major side of these problems occupies 8th and 9th Classes.. The selection of students who are defined by their professions is defined by their own interests and skills, which is why these two factors are very important. In this regard, “Self-portrait”, ”   The position of a professional “, “Who is it?” and other   professional games, diagnostic tests  are hold in different forms.

 Diagnostic tests also characterize temperament types of students. Because every student must know his own characteristic features,   to be oriented to the profession. If a pupil chooses a socially oriented profession (such as a sociologist, diplomat, psychologist, etc.) with an introvert or non-empathic character, of course, he will not succeed. At any time   role-playing games are organized by defined specifications. The students   play role of  a doctor, a tutor, a journalist, a diplomat, a gardener, and so on. At this time   it is determined whether the role of the students plays in their character.

The weakness of the student’s academic activity, one of the main reasons for his retirement in training is the lack of motivation, lack of parental support for his son, low self-esteem in the pupil and so on. All these events are controlled by the end of the academic year, in this regard , the students are grouped as well as individual preventive, correctional work. At appropriate points, the parallel class leader is also enlightened on the psychological topic of the conversation with the parent.

          Attention games, games related to vision and hearing memory, and related tests, as well as intellectual development-thinking tests, are great in this area.

Based on this, throughout the year, intellectual development, intellectual tests and inter-class competitions are being conducted to reveal the hidden intellectual abilities and creativity of students.

 One of the most important aspects of psychological activity is the organization of individual conversations with students (with other high school staff and parents at the right time). A student receives psychologist support when facing certain difficulties (neglect, low self-esteem, retraining, parent-student attitude, etc.) in his psychological state. During such individual consultations the general problems of the pupil are clarified and the work to be carried out is planned, the appropriate paths are identified, the PSR is involved in this work, the consultant is organized by the student’s parents (of course at the discretion of the pupil).  One of the components of psychological activity is the monitoring of their psychological status during pedagogical activity of teachers. In this regard, the lessons are monitored during the academic year. Here is the main purpose of how teachers influence their perception of their psychological state, morale, characteristic, and pupils in the lesson. During these observations, students’ academic activities are also monitored.